Construction Update – April 2022

With the Easter holidays quickly passing and the weather slowly getting warmer the construction crew is working restlessly Here are the long-awaited construction updates. Building 1: Tyvek insulation, electrical and plumbing, and rough-ins for fixtures have been installed. Windows are in. Currently waiting on doors to be placed. Building 2: Roof is almost completed (90% […]

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Harrison

Happy Chinese New Years! This year represents the year of the Water-tiger. The Water-tiger signifies great prosperity, dedication and hard work. In the late 1800s, there were many new Chinese immigrants who travelled all the way to British Columbia to search for gold. After the gold rush slowed down they turned to other occupations like […]

Our Competitive Advantage: External Features

Part two of the Competitive Advantage Series. If you havent already read the first part of the series Our Competitive Advantage: External Features  Click on the link below to read part one first! Our Competitive Advantage: Internal Features WHAT MAKES HARRISON RIDGE DIFFERENT? Safety and Comfort in your Home. In addition to our minimalistic, yet […]

Our Competitive Advantage: Internal Features

Harrison Ridge is developed on land was purchased years ago but is now finally coming together building by building. The hot new 64 unit townhouse development will be a stunning addition to the Agassiz neighbourhood, with breathtaking views surrounding your home. You will always have a sight to see. Perfect for young families but also seniors […]