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Where are we located and what are we building?

1928 Woodside Boulevard, Agassiz, BC.

  • Vancouver: 1.5 hours without heavy traffic 
  • Surrey: 1 hour without traffic 
  • Hope: 30 min without heavy traffic
Times are estimated and found on Google Maps 
We are a Real Estate Development Group currently working on one of the largest projects we have done. The development consists of 18 buildings, 64 units, and 1 detached home.

Where is the location of the office and showroom?

Our in-person tour is open! Each slot if for half an hour, by appointment only. Please book an appointment on the home page.

Due to issues with Covid and the site being so far, we have designed a 3D rendering of our home on our website for you to view. To check the available floor plans, double click the unit number on the Site Map and it’ll lead to the floor plans and total square footage. 

Our office: #308-4501 North Road, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4R7

Is Harrison Ridge open for sales?

We have currently sold out for our first three Phases. We will be having our Sales Event for Phase 4 in the fall.


If the sales event interests you, please contact our sales team. 

E: jancis@newgengroup.com

E: clientcare@harrisonridge.ca


I am interested in Phase 4/5. What can I do?

If you are interested in reserving any units of Phase 4 or 5 this can be done by putting down a fully refundable deposit of $10,000.00


If this interests you please contact our sales team.

E: jancis@newgengroup.com 

E: clientcare@harrisonridge.ca

Can I get a price list of the units?

Right now, we are the only other presale development in the Agassiz/Harrison Real Estate Market. We do not share our pricing until the day of the sales event. 


If the sales event interests you, please contact our sales team. 

E: jancis@newgengroup.com

E: clientcare@harrisonridge.ca

Harrison Ridge deposit schedule and strata fee?

The deposit Schedule at Harrison Ridge runs for a total of 15% of the purchase price. The strata fee is approximately $110/month subject to vary on sq. ft. of the unit, roughly 40% of the fee will cover landscaping. 


Deposit Schedule: Total 15%
5% on Acceptance 
5% in 60 days 
5% in 120 days 

When will construction be completed?

Phase one units was completed in May 2022. All units in Phase 2 is targeted to be completed by the end of 2022. The tentative date for the completion of the entire development is March 2024. Dates will be subjected to change.

Does the strata have any restrictions?

There is no restrictions on pets or rentals. 

What is the age demographic in Harrison Ridge?

Mostly young families, first time home buyers and retired couples live in the area. 

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