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Construction Update – April 2022

With the Easter holidays quickly passing and the weather slowly getting warmer the construction crew is working restlessly🚜

Here are the long-awaited construction updates.

Building 1: Tyvek insulation, electrical and plumbing, and rough-ins for fixtures have been installed. Windows are in. Currently waiting on doors to be placed.

Building 2: Roof is almost completed (90% completion). Tyvek and concrete flooring is not yet done.

Building 8: Pad work is all completed same as the foundation work and forming.

Building 9: Concrete for the foundation is in.

Building 18: Building pad is to the right elevation, started framing for foundation work.

The completion of the first phase got pushed back due to an issue with the supply chain. Another problem we faced at Harrison was the inconsistent weather. Because of the heavy wind and rain, we had to pause many of the external finishings of the house until the weather calmed.


Currently, the only thing we are facing right now is labour shortage.

Even though we are facing labour shortages, the construction crew has been working nonstop on the weekdays till late as well as on the weekends to have everything constructed in a timely manner.


Many developments if not all, faced delays in their construction timeline due to the supply and labour shortages in Canada on top of COVID-19.

Hope this clarifies the situation. We apologize for the delay.


The construction crew is working very diligently to get your building completed.


Here is the most updated completion schedule (as of April 19th, 2022)


Phase ONE: Completion Mid-April, 2022

B7: Unit 1-4 Completion this month

Available for Occupancy End of the month.

Phase TWO: Completion End of month

B1: Unit 61-64 July 2022

Available for Occupancy August

B2: Unit 57-60 Aug 2022

Available for occupancy September

B8: Unit 5-8 Nov 2022

Available for occupancy December

B9: Units 9-12 Dec 2022

Available for occupancy January 2023

Phase THREE: Completion End of month

B18: Unit 43/44 Jan 2023

Available for occupancy February 2023

B17: Unit 39-42 Feb 2023

Available for Occupancy March 2023

B16: Unit 36-38 Mar 2023

Available for Occupancy April 2023

B15: Unit 33-35 Apr 2023

Available for Occupancy May 2023

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